The Romulan Star Empire

Ship Name Race Class Description
Graceful R FF Light Frigate usually used for V.I.P. transport.
Talon R FF Lightest and fastest Romulan scout ship.
ISC Frigate R FF Frigate build with ISC technology.
Scout R FF Long-range spy Frigate with enhanced stealth capabilities.
Falcon R DD The standard Romulan Destroyer used for escort purpose.
Shrike R DD The used-to-be Light Cruiser classified now as Destroyer.
Lyran DD R DD Destroyer of Lyran origin build for escort purpose.
Eagle-hawk R DD Destroyer creted using the original Talon-Class specifcations.
Sparrowhawk R CL The old version of Romulan Light Cruiser.
ISC CL R CL Light Cruiser build with ISC technology.
Venator R CL Ship used by ambassadors as transport in war situations.
Vulture R CL Fast and powerful ship build for hot pursuit of spy vessels.
Hawk R CA The Cruiser class ship of the Romulan Star Empire.
Lyran CA R CA Cruiser with Lyran technology build for assault purpose.
Strikehawk R CA Better version of the Romulan Sparrowhawk.
King Condor R CA Well-known old Battlecruiser now downgraded and refitted.
Raptor R BC The Battlecruiser class ship of the Romulan Star Empire.
Predator R BC Improved version of the standard Battlecruiser.
Shadow R BC Ship created after the Scimitar incident.
Demonhawk R BC Experimental support Battlecruiser with heavy weapons.
Starbird R DN A lighter and faster version of the Romulan Warbird.
Warbird R DN The well-known Dreadnaught of the Romulan Star Empire.
Raven R DN A not too known very powerful new design of ship.
Norexan R DN Latest technological wonder of the Romulan Star Empire.
Reman Scimitar R BB Very powerful Battleship of Reman origin.
Romulan Scimitar R BB The Romulan new design of the Reman Scimitar.
Asteroid Base R AB Romulan Asteroid Base, lightly armed.
Base Station R BS Standard Romulan Outpost Base.
Battlestation R BT Romulan Battlestation, high firepower.
Starbase R SB Standard Romulan Starbase, heavy shielding and armor.

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