The Klingon Empire

Ship Name Race Class Description
Detector K FF Andromedan long range scout detection ship.
Bird of Pray K FF The most well-known ship of the Klingon Empire.
Mirak Frigate K FF Frigate build with Mirak technology.
Hu'tegh K FF Modified version of the standard Bird of Prey.
K'Vort K DD The standard Klingon Destroyer, a Bird-of-Pray improved design.
Mirak DD K DD Destroyer build with Mirak technology.
Anole K DD Gorn destroyer now in use by the Klingons.
Nethak K DD New design of Klingon Assault Destroyer.
K'T'Inga K CL The Light Cruiser of the Klingon Empire.
Mirak CL K CL Light Cruiser build with Mirak technology.
SuvwI'Qeh K CL Experimental Klingon Light Cruiser.
K-10 K CL Old Light Cruiser overloaded with weapon banks.
Fek'lhr K CA The Cruiser class ship of the Klingon Empire.
K'T'Irov K CA The Light Cruiser converted to Cruiser.
Maesron CA K CA Good looking Cruiser of Maesron origin.
MaQ'MigH K CA Experimental Klingon-Romulan Cruiser.
Vor'cha K BC The old Battlecruiser class ship of the Klingon Empire.
Fek'var K BC Improved version of Vor'cha.
R-22 K BC New prototype of ship aquired from the Covenant.
C-28 K BC This ship was constructed near the end of the Dominion War.
Negh'var K DN The well-known Dreadnaught of the Klingon Empire.
Mirak DN K DN Improved Dreadnaught build with Mirak technology.
Tegh'var K DN The Negh'var technology implemented at larger scale.
Deathwing K DN New Drednought designed by rival houses of Tegh'var owners.
Death'var K BB Klingon Battleship with ablative armor.
Bird of Death K BB Klingon Battleship with Mk V heavy disruptors.
Asteroid Base K AB Klingon Asteroid Base, lightly armed.
Base Station K BS Standard Klingon Outpost Base.
Battlestation K BT Klingon Battlestation, high firepower.
Starbase K SB Klingon Starbase, heavy shielding and armor.

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