The Borg Collective

Ship Name Race Class Description
Limpet B FF Hull-breach drone created with special technology.
Probe B FF Probe ship with long range scanners.
Pyramid B FF The scout ship of the Borg Collective.
Assimilated Kimal B FF Assimilated Cardassian Kimal class ship.
Pyramid Prime B DD The Borg Pyramid armed better and with more advanced sub-systems.
Assimilated Vasad B DD Assimilated Cardassian Vasad class ship.
Nexus B DD Basic automobile block for cube construction.
Tactical Pyramid B DD Pyramid Prime with quadinium armor.
Diamond B CL A well equiped ship fitted for any situation.
Assimilated Defiant B CL Defiant ship Assimilated and improved by the Collective.
Gyro B CL An experimental capable of transwarp ship.
Rectangle B CL Medium size and well armed fast assimilator ship.
Diamond Prime B CA Improved version of the Borg Diamond.
Assimilated Intrepid B CA Intrepid ship Assimilated and improved by the Collective.
Star B CA Mobile defense weapons platform.
Tactical Diamond B CA Advanced version of the Diamond Prime with stronger sub-systems.
Assimilated Hydran CA B BC Hydran Cruiser Assimilated and converted to Battlecruiser.
Sphere B BC Ship designed for countering enemy fleet actions.
Assimilated Breen BCH B BC Ship assimilated during the Dominion War.
Tactical Sphere B BC Sphere with additional sub-systems.
Assault Rectangle B DN Assault rectangle designed for quick assimilation.
Assimilated Warbird B DN Warbird ship Assimilated and improved by the Collective.
Sphere Prime B DN Ship designed for search & destroy operations.
Matrix Pyramid B DN Ship designed for assimilation of unknown species.
Assimilated Scimitar B BB Assimilated Reman Scimitar.
Assault Sphere Prime B BB Ship used by the Borg for fast extermination of uncompatible species.
Cube B BB Ship used for dealing with the highest priority threats.
Tactical Cube B BB+ A heavy Borg Cube designed with quadinium armor plate.
Fusion Cube B BBX The most destructive Super Battleship in known history.
Asteroid Base B AB Borg Asteroid Base, lightly armed.
Base Station B BS Standard Borg Outpost Base.
Battlestation B BT Borg Battlestation, high firepower.
Starbase B SB Standard Borg Starbase, heavy firepower and armor.

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