The United Federation of Planets

Ship Name Race Class Description
Saber F FF Lightest and fastest Federation ship.
Norway F FF Better armed new class of Federation Friagte.
Nova F FF Assault frigate with high firepower.
Akyazi F FF Frigate constucted with higher internal efficiency.
Anomi F DD The new model of the Federation Destroyer.
Resurrection F DD Refiterd Constitution class.
Abber F DD Compact model of combat destroyer.
Chandley F DD Old Heavy Patrol Destoyer Class.
Intrepid F CL The standard old Federation Light Cruiser.
Armored Intrepid F CL Old Intrepid with ablative armor.
Defiant F CL The Light Cruiser Defiant in now in mass production.
D'kyr F CL Old ex-primier Vulcan combat vessel now in Federation service.
Excelsior F CA This ship is the improved Cruiser of the Federation.
Akira F CA The well-known Cruiser-class ship of the Federation.
Gith F CA Cruiser-class ship created with some Klingon designers help.
Audacious F CA Later Cruiser design based on the Voyager specifications.
Nebula F BC Standard Federation Battlecruiser.
Dominion BCH F BC A better version of Battlecruiser build with Dominion technology.
Excalibur F BC Lighter version of the Sovereign class.
Vanguard F BC Ship designed for advanced outer sector defense.
Galaxy F DN The old Dreadnaught class ship of the Federation.
Sovereign F DN The new Dreadnaught class ship of the Federation.
Dominion DN F DN Heavy Dreadnaught build using latest Dominion technology.
Achilles F BB Advanced Dreadnaught developed at Utopia Planitia facility.
Helios F BB Battleship with ablative armor, finest technology.
Yamato F BB Heavily shielded Federation Battleship.
Asteroid Base F AB Federation Asteroid Base, lightly armed.
Base Station F BS Standard Federation Outpost Base.
Battlestation F BT Federation Battlestation, high firepower.
Starbase F SB Federation Starbase, heavy shielding and armor.

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