The Pirate Alliance and Other Forces

Ship Name Race Class Description
Pirate FF P FF Old model of pirate Frigate of Orion origin.
Peregrine P FF New model of pirate Frigate of Orion origin.
Bajoran Raider P FF Bajoran pirate Raider Frigate.
Bronta P DD Light Destroyer of Ferengi origin armed with Ion Cannon.
N'Gort P DD Ferengi Destroyer with Romulan technology.
T'Korn P DD Well-armed Destroyer, based on Federation technology.
Pirate CL P CL Old model of pirate Light Cruiser of Orion origin.
Talarian P CL Pirate Light cruiser of Talarian origin.
Amnesty P CL Federation CL Prototype stolen and replicatd by pirates.
Marauder P CA The well-known Ferengi Marauder class.
Goront P CA Ferengi Cruiser armed with Romulan weapons.
Ooron P CA Ferengi Assault Cruiser.
Blood Raven P BC Pirate Battlecruiser with some Klingon technology.
Blackbird P BC Pirate Battlecruiser with Klingon and Maquis technology.
Ripper P BC Orion refitted old Battlecruiser.
Hornet P DN Pirate Dreadnaught of unknown origin.
Blood Claw P DN Vackan CS-2 Hri-al-Hra (Blood Claw) class Combat Ship.
Breen DN P DN Dreadnaught of Breen origin.
Monster X MS Artificial Life Form that can be found in several areas in the Galaxy.
Unknown X MS Planetary Mass Destruction Device from another galaxy.
Crystal Entity X MS The creature encountered in the Omicron Theta colony in 2336.

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