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The Return of the Borg

    This mod gives each race 3 ships of each class. A lot of things are modified, including textures, sounds, music, special effects, missions and Star Bases.

    New additions [Version: 3.000 Rebuild: 800.0] :
 * New ships for each race (two more for each ship class).
 * New music for all races (totally replaced the old one).
 * New texturing for all weapons, shields, and explosions.
 * New FX for mines, weapons, tractor beam and explosions.
 * New race balance (each are now even with the others).
 * New Missions (for all races singleplayer campaigns).
 * New Starbases for each race (separate models for all).

    Race balance system is listed below:

Species Shields Armor Primary Heavy Special
Borg None Extreme Good Good Tachyon Pulse
Federation Good Average Poor Good Pulse Phaser
Klingon Poor Good Average Good Ion Cannon
Romulan Average Poor Good Good Myotronic Beam

# Version 3.000 released !
    Version 3 of the mod is now fully functional. There are no known crashed due to the mod. If you experience errors on the newest video cards tr to use different drivers. You should replay the whole campaign as the additional missions and random encounters will represent quite a challenge. Single player balance is also fixed, as some missions were way too easy and some way too difficult. The start ships for each difficulty level have been modified / balanced.

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