Fair Reviews, Tech Reports and Benchmarks

    This sub-page is dedicated for fair reviews, tests, benchmarks, walkthroughs, tech reports, hardware modding and more.

    The reviews are totally fair, which means that noone will pay for them to be made. The respective reviews will cover all the bad astpects of a product, because people need to know what junk will be delivered for their spent moeny.

    Here are the reviews and other foot-in-the-mouth articles:

     * The latest on this subject can be found here. *

     [En] True and fair game ratings - updated (2010.10.29)

     [Ro] nVidia nu mai are cu ce ! (2009.10.06)

     [En] Radeon HD5870 Review (2009.09.30)

     [En] Red Alert 3 (Allies Rule) Review (2008.10.25)

     [En] Far Cry 2 Dark Side Review (2008.10.23)

     [En] C&C Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath Strategy Guides (2008.03.24)

     [En] Easy 30-steps guide: How to Erase a Folder in Vista (2007.02.27)

     # FarCry 2 Review
FarCry 2 Dark Side Review - see what they won't tell you.

     # Red Alert 3 Review
Red Alert 3 EA Su*ks Review - why all EA games totally su*k.

     # C&C3 TW/KW Strategy Guides
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath single-player Strategy Guides

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