Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath Guides

GDI Missions

     GDI Mission 01 (N.C. Badlands)

This is the intro mission, so for most of you it will be a boring one.

Primary Objective 1: Determine Status of GDI Outpost

Just move your given troops a little east. Don't worry about the enemy soldiers. You have elite troopers on your side. Clean up the base of them.
Primary Objective 1 complete.

Your MCV arrives.

As Secondary Objective, you must build a Tiberium Silo.
Build one as soon as your MCV unpacks.

After MCV deploys, move your troopers to the East entrance of the base.

Primary Objective 2: Build Barracks and train 3 GDI Squads.
Primary Objective 3: Build a Power Plant.
Primary Objective 4: Repair the Command Post.

It' too easy. Just construct Barracks and about 5 squads of Infantry.
Get them to same base entrance.
Also, build a Silo, a Power Plant and two Sentry Guns (Watchtowers).
Repair the Command Post and as soon as you do all of these you'll get to be able to build Rocket Troopers.
Primary Objectives 2,3,4 complete.

Build a few squads of Rocket Troopers too. About 4 should do.

Also, build a secondary Barracks for one more secondary objective.

Primary Objective 5: Destroy Nod Outpost

The outpost is to the East. Get about 3-5 squads of Rocket Troopers and 3-5 more of Riflemen and go East.
Destroy the Hand of Nod first, so no new infantry spawns and after that you take out the rest of the structures. Live the Power Plant or silo alive for later bonus.
Primary Objective 5 complete.

Primary Objective 6: Repair the Bridge.

Too easy; you will be given two engineers right near the bridge to do so.
Primary Objective 6 complete.

As two bonus objectives, get one Engineer inside the Tiberum Spike North-East of the bridge and one in the previously left alive Power Plant or Tiberium Silo. If you did not do that, you'll have to implant the Engineer in one of the main base structures. It is possible to get one Engineer in a structure in the S-W corner of the enemy base, but be sure not to be spoted by any units, as they will waste your landing transport.

Primary Objective 7: Build an Airfield.

How hard can it be ? Just drop it down and build 4 Orcas. Attack the enemy ground units. Primary Objective 7 complete.

Primary Objective 8: Destroy the Nod base.

There's nothing to worry about. It you got this far... just keep attacking with Orcas until Nod base spawns it's defenses. Then, you will be given the Ion Cannon. Say thanks to the general and fire it in the middle of the enemy base. Primary Objective 8 complete.

Mission 01 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 07 minutes
Overall difficulty: 1 (Very Easy)

     GDI Mission 02 (Pentagon, The)

Primary Objective 1: Bring the defense online.
You have two Rifle Squads and 5 Engineers.
Select them (two teams, one troopers, one the engineers a little behind the troopers) and move East. Kill the Rocket Troopers. It will promote your infantry to Elite.
Kill all enemy infantry. They are easy targets for your Elite troopers.
Use 3 Engineers to power on the turrets.

Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Get an Engineer inside the Pentagon. Nothing special to it; just do that. There's nothing to shoot at it at this time. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Garrison Guard Towers

You have two elite teams. Use them in the middle between the two pairs of towers. The rest of the infantry that comes out of the Pentagon, get them in the towers. APCs will arrive. Retreat them near the towers to prevent damage from garrisoned structures. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Use the Grenadiers to clear out the garrisoned structures (secondary objective). Use one team for each structure so they won't take too much damage or die. After that, you can get them in APCs and use attack the N-E base (secondary objective). This will give you 3 bonus APCs.

Primary Objective 4: Eliminate the Nod HQ.

The HQ is in the N-W corner of the map. Before going there, make sure you've gathered the crates in the current map, because those rank-ups can be good for business. Just frontal assault the base, as there's nothing much to worry about there. You should not even lose on APC, as Grenadiers can throw the grenades from inside the APC and the enemy Rocket Troopers are almost instantly killed. Destroy the structures there, and that's the end of it. You should not encounter any problems for now.

Mission 02 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 09 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     GDI Mission 03 (Langley AFB)

Primary Objective 1: Eliminate Nod Attacking Forces

Go and kill them all. The enemy soldiers can only do very light damage to the base structures, so step right up and clear the sector. Don't worry, they won't shoot you. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Reclaim the Airfields.

You find these in the North. But first, as soon as you retake control of the base, garrison the two bunkers with 1xRifle, 1xGrendier and 1xRocket squads. Use Grenadiers to clear out the structures to the S-W while you build 12 APCs with 4xRifle, 4xGrendier and 4xRocket. As soon as you have the APCs (full of troopers) send them North. Use them to retake the Airfields. There's not much defense there, so it will be relatively easy. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Nod Base.

Now you have 'call transport' support. You can transport Engineer to capture the refinery (one secondary objective), but make sure you've cleared out garrisoned structures first.

To retake the Snipers, use Grenadiers to clear the structures (another secondary objective).

You can use them to take out Nod turrets if you're too afraid to 1on1 with them. Now, to waste that Nod base, you can either use the Orcas, as there's not much AA in the base or you can infiltrate the Sniper teams in the enemy base and call strikes on the required structures. However, don't shoot with the snipers because the enemy could detect them and you will have a big bunch of suicidal Crazy Ivans on your hands. You can also use a combination of the two (Snipers + Orcas).

Mission 03 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 10 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission 04 (Hampton Roads)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Nod Ops Center

You only have the Commando. How nice. At start, hold position to take out incoming enemy soldiers. You will receive the mission objective. Head North. There are a couple of squads on the way. Kill them ASAP. You can now see the target structure. There are obstacles near-by. Normally, you should go around. Not this time, as you have jetpacks. You can perform a Force:Jump to take out the structure. Select the Commando. Press on the Jump button and click the structure. The Commando will Jump-C4 that structure. Don't worry about the troopers nearby. They are sitting ducks. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the Nod Air Tower

There are Nod air units there striking Battleships (that look like a bunch of obsolete over-armored over-fire powered junk Frigates if you ask me). Go towards the Air Tower, but a little more to the North. Make sure you always shoot the barrels as this is a much better way to kill large packs of enemy units. Going a little more North, you will detect barracks and a power plant. Destroy them before taking out the Air Tower. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Nod SW base

As a bonus here, forget the reinforcements. Let them to hold position where they landed. The mission is easy to complete using only the Commando. Just don't forget about the barrels. If you somehow phx'ed things up and you have a bike or two on your tail, just garrison a structure and destroy the bike(s). One structure / 2xbike is safe. Best thing to do is jump the obstacle course and shoot at barrels. Just like SEAL training. To get rid of bikes, jump to another location and the bike will follow by a standard route. Of course, the route contains a barrel or more. Use Force:Jump to take out the target structures. Even with no enemy eliminated, you can still destroy the structures before you take serious damage. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Mission 04 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 04 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     GDI Mission 05 (White House, The)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the AA Turrets

You have 4x squads of Rocket troopers. Use two groups of two to attack the AA Turrets. Don't worry, Nod units won't bite. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Target Nod Unit Pack for Termination

Just point and click... there's just no more than that to it. Wish I had this bombing power in multiplayer. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Nod Base Primary Objective 4: Destroy the Cloaking Devices

First of all, you can build 3x Watchtowers and 2x AT turrets. This will make sure your base is ok. 4 Power Plants will be enough to power everything on. Now, you will need some grenadiers to clear out structures. It is recommended that you get them in APCs because they probably won't make it by foot. The sniper garrison secondary objective doesn't help much, but it won't be too hard to get two snipers into two structures.

Now, about the power plants to NW, yes, do destroy them; it helps.

Build 12x Predator Tanks and about 8x APCs loaded with Rifle Squads and/or grenadiers. As soon as you have them, order the Predators NW. Don't have to worry about the garrisoned structures on your way. Predators are tough. When you get there and destroy the Power Plants, the whole Nod base will be low on power and everything de-cloaks. Now, get a little backwards with you Prd tanks and join up with the APCs. Attack the base. APCs are imperative, because there are a lot of infantry units there. Primary Objectives 3,4 complete. There, you save the White House. Again.

Mission 05 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 12 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission 06 (Casabad)

Primary Objective 1: Secure Barracks

Move up and shoot the enemy squads. After you do that the base is yours. Use the Engineer on the T-Spike. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the Research Lab

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the War Factories

Build 2x Rocket Troopers with the current $ and 1x Zone Trooper Squad. Also, one more Engineer for the NW T-Spike. Having two T-Spikes you will have some resources, enough to make some troopers and advance East. After you have about 3 squads of Zone Troopers and 5-6 of rocket Troopers, go right in the middle of the map. At this time, secure the South T-Spike, as 3 bikes will spawn there to waste your Engineer. You could also deploy snipers, but those are expensive and I prefer to build 2x Zone Troopers with that amount of $.

Anyway, have your main force attack the East Lab. Again, do not forget to have Rocket Troopers, as you fight Bikes and Venoms. In this time, you can paradrop some troopers to take out the S-E barracks. Have there about 2x Rocket Troopers and 1x Zone Trooper plus the paradropped. Primary Objective 2 complete.

After you destroy the barracks and the Lab, join your forces and move N-E. If you have 2-4 Zone Trooper squads and 3-6 Rocket Troopers, you're fine. There are only a few tanks in the war factories area, and the WF will spawn anti-infantry units only when you get there. Get there by using the map border road to the East. Make sure you kill the infantry-killer units (Buggy) as they spawn. Anyway, it shouldn't spawn more than 2-3 until you take out the WFs. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Mission 06 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 10 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission Mission 07 (Alexandria)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the Docks

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the Port Authority Structures

First of all, build about two Watchtowers and one AT Turret as there's a Mammoth tank there to keep you safe. Second, build a surveyor and deploy it North of your position (secondary objective) where there's a fresh Tiberium Field. Also you can spawn 2xWatchtower and 2xATs near that, and of course deploy a refinery there. Third, have an Airfiled up, and Orca + Orca strike the target Ships (secondary objective) and near-by units. To get the EMP S-E, train 2-3 Grenadier squads and clear out the structures near EMP CC so that you can send in an Engineer. As you get the EMP SW, you will probably find it very useful. Make sure sector is clear when you send in your Engineer. Watch for the 3 tanks patrolling the area near the EMP CC.

When you destroy the ships, you will get 2xMammoth as reinforcements. Use them to destroy the Docks. See, you've done it without actually getting there. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Orcas are the main key here. Use them to take out all N-E enemy base defenses. After taking care of the base defenses, you can either rush with a few Mammoth thanks or keep striking with Orcas. Either way, first target the barracks and WF, so you won't have to worry about too much enemy units. Don't worry about AA enemy turrets. Those are only near one of the Port Authority Structures, so it's safe to use Orcas to destroy outer base defenses. Even so, it's easy to destroy that structure with Orcas, because 2x squads of 4xOrcas + the Orca Strike will take out that structure, even if it has 2xAA Turrets protecting it. So, even if you lose the Orcas, the structure is still damaged, because Orcas still get to fire at it. Primary Objective 2 complete.

This is the easiest way to destroy them. The harder way would be using ground forces (Mammoths to be exact), but it would take a lot more time and a lot more money.

Mission 07 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 14 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission 08 (Cairo)
Primary Objective 1: Destroy the Nod HQs

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the Nuke Silo

No air this time, since there are a lot of AA Turrets in there. As bad as things may look with that AA firewall in your way, this mission is complete able in 10 minutes if you don't want to complete a specific secondary objective (that is to destroy all Nod structures). You notice at start a marine saying something like 'there are no AA defenses here'. Well, that's completely irrelevant. Here's what you have to do. First, build extra Barracks and the Battlelab. Build a pack of 12+ Zone Troopers. 12 will do; more are of course better. Second, as soon as you complete them, send them to the N-W corner of the enemy firewall and jump-jet across. That is your path to victory. You will get to the Nuke with little to no resistance. Destroy the Power Plants (secondary objective) and the Nuke. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Now you have the big choice. If you want to complete the other secondary objective that requires you to destroy all structures, keep using the zone Troopers and take out as many as possible. You could end up with them promoted to Elite and at that point, you can waste the remaining forces with no effort. Else, send the troopers to the 3 target structures, destroy them and end the mission. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Anyway, if you play long term, it is strongly recommended that you build a surveyor and deploy it East, where you find blue Tiberium.

Extra note #1: you can also use the N-E corner, but it will take longer for you to get to the Nuke and it might just fall before you get to it.

Extra note #2: while making your way to the Nuke, you can have the next 12-pack of troopers ready and go N-E and use them to eradicate parts of the base.

So, as a conclusion, you only need at most 2x12-pack of Zone Troopers to complete this mission including secondary waste-all-structures objective.

Mission 08 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 15 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission 09 (Croatia)

Primary Objective 1: Survive

Situation looks... bad. First thing to do: power on as follows: You have 2x Turrets on each side. Power-on only one Turret for each side as you won't really have the time to maneuver. As for AA, power on only two of them, in opposite corners (SW and NE recommended). Here's SS so you get the ideea of turret activation: Get 2x APC near each AI Turrets and 3x Tanks near each AT Turrets. Any extra tanks you build, put them on guard West of your position. That's where the main armor force is coming from. 3 Are enought North, send more only if you lose any. Also, very important, keep your tanks orientation with the front to the enemy force. If hit sideways or from the back the tanks will be destroyed faster. While two APCs are more than enough to prevent any damage, it's not the same for the tanks. The tanks can take quite a punishment, so I'd recommend adding extra Rocket Troopers. They are very good against the armor that's coming. Now wait until MCV arrives in-sector. Despite what many say, it's not that hard to defend. A good tip is positioning some Rocket Troopers near the miner(s), so when enemy airpower will cross that area it will take some punishment. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Aid Reinforcements

Primary Objective 3: Escort MCV to base

Primary Objective 4: Destroy S-W base

When the reinforcements arrive, you should first attack and destroy the base to the S-W, or at least the barracks in it. After you clear that one, the advantages are great. You don't have to worry about suiciders attempting on your MCV and you can also shutdown the A-I Turrets and power-on the AT Turrets. Primary Objectives 2,3,4 complete.

Primary Objective 5: Destroy the N-E base

After this point, the hard part is almost over. You should attack the N-E base next. Now, that you have the full arsenal at your disposal, it won't be hard to defeat. By destroying the war factories, there will be no more tank trouble for you. As attack force, you can use about 8-12 Predators with 4-6 APCs with Rocket Troopers inside. There's no big trick to it; just attack and defeat them. Frontal assault works fine. Alternate, you can wait to build Airfield, but there will be too much tanks send your way by the time you complete two air groups of Orcas. Primary Objective 5 complete.

Primary Objective 6: Destroy the S-E base

There is a problem here, because the base is not assault able by ground, and you cannot attack by air either because there's just too much AA in place, plus the Venoms. Your best bet is to gather you until now promoted units, as many as possible (build more if you don't have at least 12 Predators and 8 APCs) and airlift them. You can deploy them to the N-E part of the S-E base, with is a clear sector. Be on your guard, because you could be attacked as soon as you set your first units there, so make sure you get to deploy most of them before stating the actual attack. And no, don't use units with no AA capabilities (like Zone Troopers), because there are quite a few Venoms in there. Primary Objective 6 complete.

Mission 09 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 21 minutes
Overall difficulty: 6 (Hard)

     GDI Mission 10 (Albania)

Primary Objective 1: Clear Border Defenses

You start with 2xRifle and 2xGrenadier. Get the Riflemen to attack the patrol and the Grenadiers to attack the Power Node of the AT Turrets. Then, select them all and attack the Barracks. If something spawns out of it, you should be able to kill them before any of your squad dies (therefore completing the secondary objective). Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Infiltrate

You won't get to cross the bridge as it's destroyed.

Primary Objective 2: Terminate AA batteries

Use the tanks to attack the designated targets and APCs behind. Of course shooting the barrels will help, lowering the HP of a few enemy units. Primary Objective 2 complete.

After you cross the bridge (of course with your tanks ahead and taking out the AT laser battery very fast) you will be given the next objectives. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Capture Reinforcements Bay

We have two very important secondary objectives here: capturing the motor pools. On the other side of the bridge, deploy your battle base. Do not cross the road line North at any time, or you'll end up toasted by Obelisks. Let your Engineers behind it, except one of them that you will take now with you. Go West with your tanks and two APCs (and the Engineer of course). Use one or two APCs with rifle squad to defend your remaining Engineers near the deployed rig. This is extremely hard to do on hard difficulty as there are a large number of tanks coming your way, but if all goes well, most of the tanks will go to your battle base, where they will be destroyed. As you capture the first motor pool, you'll get two more tanks and one buggy (mine died) and fortunately you did not lose any tanks in the process. Waste the structures there and get to the crates in the corner to get a rank-up and some $. Watch for the Obelisk fire though, because it has range over the crates. After you get the additional tanks, get back to the middle area where your battle base it and repair whatever you need.

At any time if you're up to it, feel free to stay up and make points. If you manage to rank-up to elite your tanks, you can even take out the main base with those units.

Now, pack everything up and proceed North. Again, make sure your engineers are not killed. Keep them at a medium distance from assault force but not too far because they can be hunted by solo roaming units. Deploy you base at the intersection of the roads leading to airfield and second motor pool. Capturing the second motor pool will give you two extra tanks and a brand-new rig. Deploy the rig near the other one. Get 2 tanks and 2 APCs near the airfield, followed by the last Engineer. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Primary Objective 5: Destroy Supplies

Now you have 2xAirfileds and 8 Firehawks to play with. If you really want, you can arm one with missiles and take out the Venom in the initial Air Towers area. Now, you can either attack directly the targets with Firehawks since AA defense is light (bikes and maybe troopers) or you can tank out the Obelisks and/or the Power Plants and assault with ground forces, witch from you should have at least a few on Elite rank. Either way, this part is very easy. Primary Objective 5 complete.

Mission 10 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 25 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     GDI Mission 11 (Sarajevo)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Shield Generator 1

Primary Objective 2: Destroy Shield Generator 2

Primary Objective 3: Destroy Shield Generator 3

Eliminate the enemy patrols and deploy your MCV and battle base. As soon as you're up and running, build two Surveyors and send them East and North of your position. Setup two outposts with refineries, defenses and anything you need. Also capture the mutant factory (for a bonus objective).

To take out Shield Generator 1 you will require 2xteams of 4xFirehawks. Build 3 airfields and 12 Firehawks. Attack and destroy Shield Generator 1. It it irrelevant if you lose some or all of them. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Now there are multiple ways of doing the other two objectives. The long lasting and hard one would be to take out the Obelisks using Firehawks and then enter the base with Mammoth tanks. But then, there is another way. You must locate and eliminate the Nod Power Plants. A 3-pack is located between objectives 1 and 2. The second 3-pack is located at the half-way between objective 3 and the border of the Nod defense wall (NW). There are various ways to get rid of the Power Plants. Anyway, if possible scout the area with snipers. You could bombard the Power Plants with Shockwave artillery. Or, if you can get Snipers near-by you can use Juggernauts. After you remove the Power Plants, those will be rebuild, so base won't be powered off forever, but long enough for your Engineers to get anywhere (and for the other two secondary objectives) with the AA system not functional, and your Firehawks to eliminate Shield Generator 2. Primary Objective 2 complete.

After you eliminate Shield Generator 2, you will be able to build the Ion Cannon. Do so. The power, if you eliminate all plants will be down long enough for you to make a second run with the Firehawks for Shield Generator 3. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Use Ion Cannon on the Temple. As soon as you eliminate all 3 SGs, you will be able to fire the Ion Cannon on the Nod Temple, and so you should do. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Mission 11 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 20 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)
     GDI Mission 12 (Munich)

Primary Objective 1: Escort the Trucks This is a bad enough mission. Those truck just keep getting attacked be various ways. Fortunately, you have two Elite Pitbull Buggies with you. Keep those a little in front of the trucks. Keep the rest of the force with them, as infantry and other ground units may attack from behind.

At about half the way you'll encounter a Tripod. There's no problem as long as you spot it early enough and fire with everything at it. You will take it out fast enough. Now one of the truck requires repairs. You'll have to wait a little until repair is complete. You will get reinforcements, including two Engineers. Send one of the Engineers to the N-E structure and one inside the power plant. They will probably make it. If the one in the Power Plant makes it, repair the plant, so the Sonic Cannon will work against the tripod that follows the trucks. Even so, it is recommended that you eliminate the Tripod before it reaches the bridge because there will be 4 more on the way immediately after that. If you are not careful, they might get the last of the trucks. Anyway, if one makes it, it's enough. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 12 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 04 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Mission 13 (Stuttgart)

Well, you have a Commando again, but don't expect things to be as easy as last time. The area is crawling with all kinds of units, including Tripods. This might be the key to an easy victory.

Primary Objective 1: Capture/Destroy Alien Structure Primary Objective 2: Rescue the Engineers

Taking a few out will promote your Commando to Elite and make him self-heal. After you defeat a Tripod, you can take it for yourself with one of the Engineers later. Also, rescue the Troopers, Zone Troopers and Snipers near-by. After your team is full of everything, go to the Engineers. Primary Objective 2 complete.

After you free the Engineers, capture all the structures at the secondary objectives, so you can have different bonuses. Start with secondary objective 6, the Power Plant that's a little S-E of your position. After you've captured everything on the East side and rescued the Snipers, go west and reactivate the base defenses there. With the captured main base, build 4 more Engineers and capture the two T-Spikes and T-Silos in the S-E corner.

Now all that's left is destroying the alien HQ. Of course you could just Force:Jump in the middle of the base and C4 it, but then, maybe you feel better to have a few Predator Tanks to destroy the enemy base defenses.

A nice tactic would be to lure the enemy units near your Sonic Cannons. This would make destroying the base defense a lot easier. Anyway, I preferred diversionary attack and Force:Jump near alien structure and C4 it. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 13 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 09 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     GDI Mission 14 (Cologne)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Power Plant and protect Engineers

Immediately after mission start, get the Commando and Zone Troopers near the border of the river and jump across. Keep the aliens off the Engineers while you relocate them to the Power Plant. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy alien structure You will need to extend a little. Build a Surveyor and deploy it lower near the blue Tiberium field. Start to build an attack force. Once you have enough, cross the bridge and as the fighting starts, insert an Engineer into the Power Plant there. That will activate some Sonic Cannons that will help a lot by eliminating anything outside the enemy base. After this, you can use Snipers and Juggernauts to terminate the enemy base, or assault with everything and keep them busy while 2-3 Juggernauts directly attack the alien structure. When you destroy the structure, the rest will blow up, so feel free to directly assault the base if you're up to the task. For this you'd need a few Mammoths and Predators/APCs and 2-3 Juggernauts. The Sniper spotting version is easier, since you Juggernauts will safely reside in your base and the Sonic Cannons will clean up well enough the units outside alien base. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 14 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 16 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     GDI Mission 15 (Berne)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Alien Primary Structure

You start in the S-W corner of the map. The target structure is located in the N-E corner. There are two secondary ones in the N-W and S-E corners. When you have control, build a Crane and another Refinery; then two Power Plants and two Sentry Guns. After that one more Power Plant and a War Factory. Build Battlelab, Upgrade your Power Plants and deploy one or two Battle Bases. Near the Battle Bases, get two Mammoth tanks for each. This will make sure you have perfect base defense. The secondary alien bases are easy enough to eliminate if you attack early. After you have second Refinery and War Factory, build two more Miners to ensure a good resource production. You can attack the N-W with air units, but watch for Storm Columns. You could use artillery vs. those. The S-E base can be terminated by about 4 Mammoth tanks, so get rid of it when you have the 4 tanks. You will be given another secondary objective, to destroy the Signal Transmitter. You can do that with the Ion Cannon, that you will probably have ready by the time you take out the secondary bases. Be careful attacking the main base because both ways in are guarded by Tripods and couple of Storm Columns. Make good use of your artillery here. However, and assault by several Mammoths will do fine too. Don't try APCs or other light vehicles as they get destroyed in one shot by either Tripod or Tesla Column. No matter how you proceed, do not use airpower on the main base as it has multiple AAs. Air attacks would be futile. Make good use of your Ion Cannon and Shockwave Artillery on big packs of structures. You could use the Ion Cannon + Shockwave Artillery to eradicate one of the base entrances and make a clear path for your Mammoths. And don't try to Ion Cannon the main structure, because it would be just a waste of an Ion shot. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 15 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 24 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     GDI Mission 16 (Rome)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Alien Phase Generators

Primary Objective 2: Destroy Alien Tower

Here's the tactical situation: you are in the S-W corner, protected by a chasm, so you are relatively safe from ground attacks, exception being the Shock Troopers that sometimes teleport across. So, build 5 AA turrets, so you will have air defenses cleared. As for ground, you can defend with about anything specially that you will have no trouble with heavy ground forces. For the secondary objectives, you can eliminate the Rift Generator with a Shockwave Attack + Zone Trooper reinforcements. The Mastermind can be eliminated with several Orca Strikes or by using any armored vehicles that you get to the other side of the chasm. Now, for the Alien Phase Generators, the job is relatively easy. The best way to proceed is by building some Predator tanks and APCs with Rocket Troopers and have them transported across. Make sure the area where you transport them is secure. You can secure it with Zone Troopers (take out the Alien AA Turrets East or hold off the Nod forces North). The Alien Phase Generators are guarded by AA Turrets, so you won't have any trouble if you use ground assault. Be aware of air units. Keeps APCs with Rocket Troopers to guard your tanks.

Primary Objective 1 complete. You can also Shockwave the Power Plants near each Phase Generator, so you disable the AA and then you can use Firehawks to eliminate them. When you have them destroyed, just use the Ion Cannon on the Tower. And watch for the Devastators warning. Those have longer range than your AA Turrets, so you'll have to use Firehawks with A2A missiles to destroy them. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 16 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 21 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     GDI Mission 17 (Ground Zero)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Alien Structure
Primary Objective 1: Destroy Nod Forces
As base defense: 2x Sonic Cannons North and 1x West + 3-4 AAs to totally cover the base.
Problems you have here:
- Aliens to the West
- Nuke
- Rift
- Mothership

Build a small attack force and attack the aliens West of your location by crossing the Tiberium chasm. A few Predators and APCs should do quite fine. There's almost no ground defence there, and the ground forces can be taken out relatively easy if you have tanks + APCs. There is the Rift Generator too. You could try to capture it for a second objective. If you capture it, it will help a lot. Won't be hard; just make sure you don't get your engineers killed. Build some AA Turrets and 2x Sonic Cannons for Rift Gen. defense. Also, drop a Refinery near-by. Once you have the Rift Gen, you can use it later in addition with the Ion Cannon vs. whatever you think is worth it. Now for the you could of probably seen, there are Obelisks defending it. Use airpower to take them out. You now can either destroy the Nuke or capture it. I captured it, but be warned that it will be hard to defend. I had to drop Zone Troopers, Bloodhounds, Snipers, two Sonic Cannons and 4 AA Turrets near the Nuke to defend it.

It is a very good idea to have all 3 Superweapons at your disposal. As for the Mmothership, it's a bad idea to try to lure it to Nod's base if you captured the Nuke, because it will probably fire there first. So, take it out using reinforcements and other AA units. It's not that hard to beat. It will hardly make it near your base if you send some units against it. You could also use Firehawks with A2A, but those are not too efficient unless you have 12+ of them so you take the ship in one shot. There will be two more Motherships spawning, one in the North and one in the South. The South one can be intercepted by the Rift Gen. AA and whatever units one might have there. The one North, will attempt to take a shot at your Nuke, so be ready with some AAs there. I had 6 AA Turrets and a few troopers and the Mothership did not made it over the Nuke. Also, be aware that Nod forces will try to retake the Nuke.

Having 3 Superweapons is very good. You just need to stalk the enemy forces until you are ready to fire at least two of them. Firing two in any combo over Nod ConYard or alien structure will take them out. Make sure the alien structure is not shielded when you fire upon it. Alternately, you can use the Superweapons to make way for ground forces, or easier, for large packs of Firehawks. Primary Objectives 1,2 complete.

Mission 17 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 27 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

Nod Missions

     NOD Mission 01 (Goddard Space Center)

This is the Nod intro mission, not as boring as GDI one.

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the wall

Select the Crazy Ivans and target the marked area of the wall. Do not approach the AT Turret. Suicide them in the wall Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Capture GDI Structure

Take the Engineer through the breached wall and insert it into the structure. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Secondary Power Plants

Take a couple of rifle squads and a rocket one and insert them into the structure outside the original captured building location. Those will take care of the enemy soldiers and Pitbulls. Get a group of Suicide Fanatics and send them into the Barracks. Take some more and send them to the Power Plants. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Destroy the Primary Power Plants

There are two more Power Plants and a War Factory to take out. You keep getting suicide reinforcements, so fanatics won't be a problem. Send them and destroy the WF and Power Plants. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Primary Objective 5: Destroy the Orbital Shield Control

Use more Fanatics to clear out the area, specially vs. the last two Pitbulls present near the final objective, as they can detect your Shadow Team. Activate the Shadow Team glider ability and land them between Power Plant and outer wall. Take out the Power Plant. Defenses will shutdown. If you want to capture the S-E structure as another bonus objective, get you Rocket Troopers and Riflemen and escort the Engineer to it. Finally, blast the Orbital Shield Control Primary Objective 5 complete.

Mission 01 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 07 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     NOD Mission 02 (Andrews AF Base)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the Airfields Primary Objective 2: Destroy the GDI Outpost

Select all units and move East. Eliminate the Barracks and Power Plants. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Disable Perimeter Defenses

Now you have reinforcements and a base. Insert the Engineer into the T-Spike. Approach North with some of your forces. GDI has good defenses in place. You will now get the Gliders special ability. Land them in the North side of the new target because anywhere else they will be killed by Sentry Gun. Blow up the Power Plant. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Destroy the Air Control Tower

Now you could get a second Engineer in the second T-Spike if it's not too much trouble. Get some Buggies to shoot at barrels and a big pack of Rocket Troopers to use vs. AI Turrets and other structures. Go to the Air Control Tower area and shoot everything that moves.

Primary Objective 4 complete. Advance N-W shooting barrels. You should already have some Elite units. After you eliminate the North airfield, go East and attack the other one. Get rid of the War Factory North as you pass by it. Finally, waste the Airfield. Primary Objective 5 complete.

Mission 02 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 10 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     NOD Mission 03 (White House)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the GDI Logistics Center

Build 4 Engineers to capture T-Spikes and T-Silos and 6 Bikes to take out the Barracks to the N-W. Do not worry, at least 3 out of 4 will make it without any escort. Insert the Engineers into structures. At the same time, attack with the Bikes and destroy the Barracks. Now, build a 12-pack of Bikes, as this can be considered a Bike-only mission. Take the Bikes and at most 4 Buggies and destroy the structure. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI Structures

Build another 12-pack of Bikes. Deploy 3 of them in the E,W, S-E and S-W areas of the map. This is to terminate the GDI reinforcements. with your initial Bikes and Buggies, attack the cluster of structures. There's nothing to it. The bikes will tear apart the structures and vehicles and the buggies will provide anti-infantry cover. This is the shortest mission in the game. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 03 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 4 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     NOD Mission 04 (Hampton Roads)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the GDI Aricraft Carrier

You have only the Commando at start. Start eliminating enemy units. Be careful at the round bunkers near the Carrier. Gather all crates, as you could use the promotions. When you C4 the Carrier, watch for the enemy Commando. As long as you are promoted at least veteran and have more than 50% health you will defeat him. Primary Objective 1 complete. Next, you get reinforcements 4 Venoms and a lot of Fanatics.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the GDI Port Authority Structure

It is a good thing here to hunt the Snipers with the Venoms. Watch for Rocket Troopers. You will need the Venoms intact. After hunting the Snipers, proceed S-E with the Venoms and the Fanatics. Use the Fanatics to take out the garrisoned structures and Venoms vs. infantry. Do not destroy the Barracks yet.

After clearing the area, keep your Venoms near the Barracks and let it spawn waves of infantry. In the same time, send your Commando S-W until you find the missing Engineer. Save the Engineer for later. Get your Commando and join-up with the Venoms. The structure where you want your Engineer to get it right above the area where you have your Venoms. When your Venoms are promoted to Elite and gain self-heal, destroy the Barracks and proceed upwards. Attack the area with whatever you want and insert the Engineer into the required structure. Now, you have gained Orca Strike, that would be very good vs. the units guarding the Port Authority Structure. Be warned that there is a War Factory there, that can spawn Pitbulls and challenge the hull integrity of your Venoms. C4 that War Factory and use the Venoms to eliminate any vehicles if there are any left. After this, you can go to the Port Authority Structure. You can attack it with Commando if you previously cleared the area with some Orca Strikes, or simply use everything you have: Fanatics, Venoms and Commando for a more direct assault. Both ways worked for me. If you're too thin on units, you can use Orca Strikes alone to eliminate the structure. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 04 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 12 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     NOD Mission 05 (Washington DC)

Mission 05 (Washington DC)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the GDI Base

You have a disadvantage in this one because the enemy has vehicles and you don't. As you will be facing infantry and vehicles, use Shadow Teams and Rocket Troopers. Also Suicide Bombers would do vs. the vehicles.

First of all, build 3-4 teams of Flamers so you can clear out garrisoned structures. After the, build a dozen of Rocket Troopers and one more of Shadows and start your way N-E. You can capture the Transground Tunnel N-W, but won't do much good as you can only transport 3 teams at a time and the endings can be and will be destroyed by the enemy. So, as soon as you have your Rocket Troopers and Shadows, start N-E. Kill everything on your way. If you suffer major losses, just spawn a bigger team. You have the resources to do so. The only thing that can give you some trouble would be the enemy Sentry Guns, but your promoted Rocket Troopers should do fine against them. When you get in the N-W corner, you just have to eliminate the designated structures, mostly War Factories and Barracks. Shouldn't be hard at all. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 04 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 11 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     NOD Mission 06 (Amazon Desert)

Primary Objective 1: Protect the Lab Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI North base

Fortunately, you have the Scorpion Tank available. Just build a few of them and 3 Buggies and go North. The North base is not by far a challenge. Destroy it as fast as possible and get some units promoted. Also, build 2x Laser AT Turrets and 1x AA Turret on the right side of your base, because the war area will expand as soon as you destroy the base North. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy GDI Structures

After you eliminate that base, you must take care of a few GDI structures present in the N-E area of the new map. There are two ways of getting there. One requires that you fight a battle base. That happens if you take your units that previously attacking the North base and go East. You could send and additional pack of tanks to reinforce the ones you already have. Or, you can retreat them and build bigger force and attack the other way (crossing the bridge South and then going N-E).

Here, if you want to capture the reinforcements bay as a secondary objective, go ahead and do so, but you will only get two Scorpions. The very long term version of things is to build an outpost where the initial North base was. But that is quite useless since you have more than enough resources and tanks to remove the GDI presence in the sector. If you somehow fail, you can always build that outpost and assimilate additional resources. As additional note, don't use Venoms vs. the N-E base because it's full of AA Turrets. You could use some of the initial North one and to detect the Snipers on the North bridge...but then I don't think you'll be using too much infantry in this one. Primary Objectives 1,3 complete.

Mission 06 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 14 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     NOD Mission 07 (Atlantic Coast)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy GDI Artillery

Just select the two stealth bombers and attack the designated target. The bombers will destroy the GDI Artillery turret. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Build a Crane, an AI Turret and deploy it in the right side of your base and one AT Turret and deploy it near the existing AI Turret in the left. Deploy the nexus of the Turrets behind the wall (inside) and the Turret extensions themselves outside. This way the power nexus is protected vs. enemy attacks.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI Artillery East The East position has a lot of AA Turrets. Ground attack is not the solution here either. There is a battle base, AT Turrets and even a Juggernaut. What you need to do at this point is attack the central base (secondary objective). Build a dozen of Scorpion tanks and a few Bikes and start your attack. Do not stop for anything. Order your units to get near the designated ConYard. Once there, start shooting. Destroy the ConYard, the Barracks and the Airfields. If you still have all your tanks, get them near War Factories and wait for them to spawn units. This way, you will get those tanks on Elite very fast. After you are bored of this, destroy the War Factories and Power Plants. Destroying the Power Plants will shutdown defenses everywhere. Now, take bombers and attack position 2. Terminate the Artillery there. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy GDI Artillery N-E

Get you Elite tanks and attack the last position. Resistance will be light as there are only bunkers with rifle troopers inside. The rest of the defensive grid is offline. So, just advance with the tanks and destroy the last Artillery piece. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Mission 07 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 13 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     NOD Mission 08 (Slovenia)

Primary Objective 1: Investigate Crash Site

As easy as usual, shoot the barrels. You won't have any trouble vs. packs of infantry, but there are two APCs there that could cause some trouble. As the APCs pass by barrels, shoot and they will be toasted along with everything else. When you destroy the AA Turrets, you will get various reinforcements. First time it's Rocket Troopers, then Shadow Team, then Crazy Ivans. You can also use the Rocket Troopers vs. the first APC, but the APC will damage them 50%+, so better stick to the barrel shooting. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Escort Truck to Base

Once you are at the crash site, get your Commando North to eliminate the incoming infidels and get the rest of your units to hold position to fight the GDI reinforcements. When the reinforcements are terminated, select everything and proceed to the base. As the base is full of infantry, get you Commando to terminate them. Make sure you don't send your truck there first, because there's a deployed Battle Base. Eliminate it with your Commando. Move very fast, because the infidels are destroying your structures in the base. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Protect the Truck

Get your Commando North and deploy AI Turrets East and West, as first waves of enemy units are just infantry. After the first attack, build AT Turrets and deploy them in all 3 sides of the base. It would be ideal to have two AT Turrets in each side. After you eliminated the APC wave, start building Obelisks. As soon as you do, deploy them as follows: W,N,E,W,N,E. Of course you will need some power plants for this one, so build enough of them. Also, watch the South entrance of your base. Don't worry, Avatars will arrive fast enough, but won't make too much of a difference. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Evac the Truck

This is easier than you might think. As soon as you get the objective, there will be Mammoth coming from the North. Just wait. In this time, let your Avatars remain East. To defeat the Mammoths with ease, you will have to have 3 Obelisks in the North side. Works fine with two and some troopers, but 3 are better. While fighting the Mammoths, build Scorpion tanks. About 8-12 would do. Some Bikes & Buggies for support would be nice too. After the Mammoths are gone, you will hear a warning about an unidentified force coming from East side. There are 4 Elite Juggernauts. You can't possibly beat them at this time (unless you have tons of infantry + Commando), but you should send your avatars that way, just to delay them as much as possible. You Avatars will be defeated, but the few seconds extra will make the difference. Select all your other forces and go North. Also take the Truck with you. If you have the Commando and a few tanks, you'll be fine. Keep the Commando left and tanks right, as there are Barracks left and WFs right. Then, just get the truck and go right through. Nothing suppose to even scratch it. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Mission 08 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 16 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     NOD Mission 09 (Sarajevo)

Primary Objective 1: Escort Truck to Temple Prime

Select your units and go North, but travel near the edge of the map. You will eventually have to go a little East. Destroy the AT Turret and Barracks and hold position while sending your Truck North. Keep all your forces there to fight, except one Buggy that you might need later. Send the Buggy and Truck North, until you reach the map border, then go East, near the first base entrance. After this, just send the truck to the destination point. Keep your other forces fighting the enemy even if you lose them all, it won't matter. Once your truck reaches the North side of the map, it is safe. If the enemy infantry did not die by then in that area, help it die with the buggy. Anyway, you should reach the destination again unscratched. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Terminate GDI Forces

You can either do a massive tank assault or a big Venom invasion. First of all, drop some Obelisks to the entrances of the outer perimeter and some mines in the central tunnels. Very important here: do not attack GDI base with Avatars as they are expensive and you will lose them anyway. Build Scorpion Tanks and few Buggies and Bikes. Attack and terminate the GDI base.

Alternately, you can use Shadows to eliminate the AA Turret in the S-E corner of the GDI base. After that, build a very big pack of Venoms (about 30+) and attack the S-E cornet. Aim for the Power Plants. Destroying them will shutdown the other AA Turrets. After this, destroy the Barracks and WF, and after that, the Airfields and ConYard. Be aware of Mammoth tanks. If one spawns, eliminate it immediately, even if it costs you a Venom. Now, knowing the future we'll cheat a little at this point. Before destroying the last of the designated structures, retreat all your units within the temple walls. All except one Venom or a fast ground unit. Use that unit only to destroy the last structure. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Well...surprise: instead of mission successful, you get two Nod bases on your hands. That's after the clean-up bombing that happens when you terminate the GDI forces.

Primary Objective 3: Eliminate the Nod Bases

After a little while, the Nod forces will declare war on you. You will have to eliminate both bases. Now you should have some resources at your disposal and the initial Elite units (ground or Venoms) from the GDI conflict saved earlier from the clean-up bombing. Anyway, build Avatars and Beam Cannons in equal number. Use the Avatars to assimilate and implement secondary beam. A 6-pack of avatars will terminate any Nod defenses. Now, while building the Avatars, select your Elite units and attack the base South. If you don't have enough, send a couple of brand-new Avatars with them. While you fight the South Base, your Avatars are being constructed. By the time you're finished with that base, you should have a 6-pack with secondary beams ready. Attack the base North (N-W to be more exact). You should not have any problems against one or two Obelisks the defender has against you. If the N-W base has additional forces, you can always throw in the remaining Elite units. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Mission 09 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 27 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     NOD Mission 10 (Outback)

Primary Objective 1: Capture Convoy

The good thing is that you have Elite units with you. The bas thing is that GDI also has Elite units. Use the two Venoms to take out the Sonic Cannons or at least 1 or two of them. Attack one of the convoys. Destroy their units and take the truck. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Escort Convoy

Just get everything to the new spawned Nod War Factory and Stealth Generator. If you want, destroy the Tiberium Column N-E. Send one of the tanks S-W and destroy the AI Turret so that you can infiltrate an Engineer in there. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Defend Convoy

Very important: do not shoot at GDI forces. The GDI forces will fight the aliens just enough to make the difference. Those are also Elite units. Stay cloaked. You can build tanks and/or Bikes with the $ you have. Bikes are more recommended because they shoot AA. Everything should be over soon enough. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Mission 10 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 6 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     NOD Mission 11 (Sydney City Wall)

Primary Objective 1: Eliminate Alien Structures

The 3 Structures are defended each by 2x AT Turrets and 1x Tesla Columns. So it would be a better bet to attack by air. You can either use Bombers or Venoms. If you use Bombers, you will require about 3 air towers. If you use Venoms, one air tower is enough. With about 25 Venoms that don't cost too much, you can rubble the 3 Structures. Either way, this is a low-difficulty mission. Extra note: if you use Venoms, don't advance more than the designated structures because there are AA Turrets further on. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Capture GDI Lab

To capture the Lab, just train 3 Engineers. Airlift one (only one is actually for the primary objective, the other two you use for secondary) to the Lab and capture it. The other two, airlift them to the T-Spikes N-W. There will be no interference with you capturing the Lab. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 11 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 7 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     NOD Mission 12 (Downtown Sydney)

Primary Objective 1: Help the GDI

Build 3 Refineries so you will have extreme amounts of resources. Also Chemical Plant. Deploy and Outpost at the entrance of the GDI base. Make sure you have 2-3 Obelisks ready to drop down as soon as Outpost deploys. Build 6to8 Obelisks in line at the entrance plus 2 AA Turrets. This will make sure nothing enters GDI base. As a secondary objective, you must ensure the integrity of the Ion Cannon. Deploy another Outpost with 2 AA Turrets and one Obelisk (for further usage). When the Ion Cannon will be ready, the alien base will take a very nice direct hit and suffer major losses. After a while longer, timer reaches zero and you have to turn on the GDI. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Terminate the GDI

Time to eliminate them. You have the Nuke at your disposal. Use it. Remember the Obelisk near the Ion Cannon ? Use it to terminate the Ion Cannon. The other 6to8 Obelisks will terminate any units of the GDI (just make sure you repair them from time to time). Note: you need to build no actual combat unit in this mission. The mission can be completed only using Obelisks. After the GDI units are destroyed (or at least most of them) select one or two Obelisks and make them shoot the structures. This will ensure GDI elimination. Also use Vapor Bomb and TS+CM combo, as you have lots of resources by now. If somehow you manage to lose your Obelisks (that is very improbable), you can always build large amounts of any units. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 12 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 17 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     NOD Mission 13 (Ayres Rock)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Base to the South

Get you units as South as possible and go West until you reach the border of the map. Then go North and make sure you don't get hit by the base AT Turret. Alternately, you can eliminate that AT Turret with your avatar. Get the avatar to take the point while you insert the Engineers into the required structures. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy or Capture the Nuke

A nice situation: there are no AA Turrets except in the Kilian's HQ area. You should build some along the hill so Venoms won't hurt you. Feel free to take a team of Venoms to eliminate the Flame Tanks just sitting there. Then, build Engineers witch you airlift to the cleared area. Insert one Engineer into the Nuke and the whole base is yours, Nuke included. As you're at using Engineers, you can capture the mutant base near your base and the 3 T-Silos North. The mutant base and the silos are guarded by infantry, so eliminate them with any anti-infantry units. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Ion Cannon Primary Objective 4: Destroy the GDI Base

It is very well defended vs. ground. Sonic Cannons and Mammoths. What is very nice to do here: you take the previously used Venoms and go South of the Ion Cannon. Go as East as possible. Then, go towards the Ion Cannon. You will find 4 upgraded Power Plants sitting ducks. Terminate them. The Sonic Cannons and AA Turrets will shut down. Now, either use Venoms and eliminate the Mammoths and Ion Cannon or use ground forces if you feel better about it. Either way, you only have to fight two Mammoths. Primary Objective 3 complete.

As for the GDI base, there are two War Factories in the Western part of the base. Destroying them ASAP will spare you the Mammoths you will have to fight otherwise. You could also use the Venoms, since those suppose to be already promoted. Best thing is to just eliminate the War Factories and then wait for the Nuke to be ready. By then, you should also have plenty of resources. Avatars would do fine too here, specially if there are Mammoths already spawned and you did not eliminate the WFs in time. If you do get to this point, upgrade your Avatars with secondary laser (and even flamer if you want to close-fight) and attack the GDI base. Even if you fight Mammoths, you will prevail since upgraded Avatar is better than standard Mammoth. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Mission 13 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 18 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     NOD Mission 14 (Northern Italy)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Catalyst Facility

There are chasms all over...nice. Drop down 2 or 3 AA Turrets so Alien AF won't give you trouble later. Build a few Venoms and send them over. Put them on 'attack anything' mode and let them defend the area. At the same time, build 3 Engineers. Airlift them to the destination. Use one to capture the facility South and get some Stealth Tanks. Use another one on the Catalyst Facility. After capturing it, use the last Engineer too, to turbo-instant-repair it. Now you have control of the base. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the 3 Alien Structures

The whole alien base lacks something: a good AA defense. So just reassign the patrolling Venoms, reinforce them with more and start the clean-up. Don't use Kat missile vs. anything, as by doing so you will fail a secondary objective. You can use Nuke and Vapor Bomb though, if you really are that patient. Anyway, the easiest way is the Venoms way. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 14 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 14 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     NOD Mission 15 (Italian Hills)

Primary Objective 1: Capture Alien Structure

You have a lot of secondary objectives in this one. First of all, it is not recommended to use any airpower in this mission, since the main area is full of AAs and there are enough AA Turrets along the way too. So, ground forces are the way. Now, you can be light & fast, stealth and steady or heavy and destructive. If you build at start about 20+ Bikes and attack everything in your path, you will eliminate any resistance long before they ever knew what hit them. You should be able at least to clean-up the main area around the designated structure with little effort. For the secondary objectives, be sure to plant some Engineers inside the unguarded Alien Refineries. As for the cluster of structures N-E, you can either build and launch a Nuke or you could get your attacker units there so they will promote a little more. As second solution, there are the Stealth tanks, but those don't do very well against structures and will take longer to reach the required targets. So I'd use Bikes instead, as this is the only way to hit them faster than they evolve.

The last option is of course Avatars. Unfortunately those are slow moving and will take a lot of time to get to the destinations and by then the aliens could become very powerful. As another minus, you will have to defend them against air attacks. So, better stick with the initial Bikes. After you clear the lower area near the designated structure of AA Turrets and Alien ConYard, you can bring in the Engineer and capture the specified structure. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 15 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 12 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     NOD Mission 16 (Operation Stiletto)

Ok...this looks complicated in here. You must capture about everything on the map and you only can build Engineers and Shadows. Let's start with the start.

Primary Objective 1: Capture the GDI Base S-W

It's relatively easy. You must use Shadows to eliminate the power plants and shutdown the base defenses. As soon as you exit your own base, a fight will start between GDI and Aliens. Let them fight. There's an Elite Tripod there that eventually will arrive in the GDI base. Make sure you follow with the Commando and some Engineers (two would do here). As soon as the tripod starts to fight the GDI units, infiltrate and insert your Engineers into ConYard and Barracks. From the Barracks build additional Engineers and capture the rest of the structures. Put down some base defenses. Now you have a base. It's much better. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Build an Airfield so you will have Call Transport capability. In the west side of the map, there's a GDI Refinery and a few Power Plants. Get some Engineers transported there so you will have extra mining capabilities.

Primary Objective 2: Capture the GDI Base N-W

After this, head North to the base N-W. And do it fast, because if the base gets destroyed it's mission failed for you. The Commando should do this time too. Use the alien attack to your advantage. After capturing the base, make sure you drop 2-3 Sonic Cannons and 2-3 AA Turrets. Also, drop some of them in your initial base. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Capture the Alien Base East

This one is good defended, including with Tesla Columns. But then, because you have a fully operational GDI base, you could build the Ion Cannon, if you don't want to ground-attack the place. As there's no more GDI to attack aliens, you could use the Ion Cannon in the alien base East, just to clean it up and then you just drop off the Engineers and capture it. Not to worry, the I.C. blast will not destroy the main structure. Alternately, you can ground assault, but it will cost more time and more money. About 4-5 Mammoth tanks will do against the Teslas and the ground units there. My personal choice was the Ion Cannon. Primary Objective 3 complete.

Primary Objective 4: Capture the Alien Base N-E

This could be the most difficult to capture. But then, you by now should have Mammoths, Tripods and a lot of other nice things from GDI and previous alien base. If you do not want to capture the other structures but the primary, you should Ion Cannon (or generate a Rift) just in the middle of it, just like the last time. If until now, those captured structures could come to good use, now it's mission ending and capturing them would be quite useless. So go ahead and shoot any SW you might enjoy using. Primary Objective 4 complete.

Mission 16 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 27 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     NOD Mission 17 (Kane's Tower)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the GDI Bases

There are two bases, one situated N-E and one S-E. We'll take care of them later. First of all, you have a Juggernaut problem. There are 5 Juggs dropping damage on the Alien Shield Generators. Best thing here is to use a Commando and C4 them. The Juggs are defended by two AA towers, so AF is not an option here. You won't have the time to build enough airpower and to take them out. Build a Shrine and the Commando. Send the Commando in the field and C4 the Juggs and AA Turrets. Let the Power Plant alive. Now you can send a pack of 6 Engineers and capture the 5 Juggs and Power Plant. Build an AA Turret and two Obelisks near the Power Plant. Back at your base, build some defenses near your Refinery because GDI will attack that way and build an extra one while you're at it.

Now about the bases: the S-E one is not that good defended. There is a security breach in the defenses too. If you go as south as possible with a big team of Venoms, you could get across the South-most AA Turret with maxx some paint scratches. Blast the Power Plants and then anything you consider a threat. You could also live a War Factory intact and wait for unit promotions. While you are attacking that base, build your Nuke. After you have enough Elite Venom units, terminate the war factory and move on. When your Nuke is ready, send it right in the N-E base. Make sure you cause a large amount of damage. Also, for clean-up, use Vapor Bomb and Catalyst Combo. After you decontaminate it this way, send in your Venoms. Those should take care of everything else.

If you hate the Venom way, you will have to build-up a massive ground assault force, and you might get in trouble with too many Mammoths by then. So, my recommendation is to stick to the Venoms. Also, if GDI spawns Ion Cannon, you have the quickest way to remove it. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Mission 17 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 23 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

Alien Missions

     Scrin Mission 01 (London)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy 15 Civilian Structures

Do exactly that. A few light vehicles will attack you while you do that, but they are hardly a challenge. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the GDI Bases

There are two bases deploying. One is to the N-E and has two Barracks and one is to the S-E and has two War Factories. As secondary objectives, you must take out two designated structures. Be aware that those are guarded by Elite infantry, so do not underestimate your enemy. As another secondary, you can drop-in Growth Accelerators in each Tiberium field you go by. Now for the bases... the easiest way is to go with airpower. Build 4 G Stabilizers and 4 air units in each. Gather all 4 units and start the clean-up. You can use the initial ground units for completing the secondary objective and the air units to eliminate the GDI bases. Just attack both bases, as there is no AA defense in any of them. The only things you will be facing could be a lost squad of rocket troopers or two and a few light machinegun fire from APCs. So, go and waste the weak species. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 01 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 11 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     Scrin Mission 02 (Munich)

Primary Objective 1: Assimilate the Barracks & Capture Defense Control.

You start from S-W corner, with only one unit. The unit can MK enemy units and it can even teleport them after MK'ed. The enemy is spawning grenadiers and tanks. The grenadiers are only good at start, when you can clear out some garrisoned structures with them. After this, they are useless and dangerous. Attention: there are a lot of sonic cannons in the upper side of the map, so follow the shortest path to barracks. The Barracks are protected by anti-infantry turrets. To eliminate those, you will need tanks. The problem is at follows: the tanks will come in pairs, at low time intervals of each other. You can either MK the first tank and attack the second and then MK the second and attack the turrets, or you can use both of them (if time interval is larger) to attack the A-I turrets. Bigger problem: the grenadiers. After you MK tanks, grenadiers will arrive. Do not garrison structures, because your unit will certainly be lost in one strike from any grenade. If they approach, you can either MK a tank and use it to roll over them, or, if no tank near, get them to attack anything, just to suicide them so you can use the MK on the new coming tanks. After you have destroyed the A-I turrets, MK the barracks and build 1 to 3 engineers. Primary Objective 1 complete.

Primary Objective 2: Capture the Central Structure.

Best thing to do is get back to initial start point and go N-E until you get an engineer into the structure. - This is the hard way. Easy way: chronoshift 1x Engineer near structure and capture it. At this point, the advanced defenses from all over the map will be disabled, and you will get the reinforcements (coming from West side). Primary Objective 2 complete.

Primary Objective 3: Defeat the Infidels.

The reinforcements look very 'strong' but actually the enemy base is quite functional and they will defeat you with easy if you have any delay or inconsistency in your attack. The enemy base is in N-E. It has at least two War Factories, two Air Fields and barracks. If you just select all and attack, the air units will arrive first and be defeated by AA units, and then you are doomed. The base also has good AA. So be careful. Ground attack without air support is also no option. You will be eventually overrun. Here's how you beat them:

- Select ground units.
- Order them to get near enemy base (near, not directly at it)
- After the ground units are about 30-40% the way, order your air units to follow.
- On the way, you can frag some disabled defenses, so your units will gain some XP, although you won't get to have too much elite ones.
- Once arrived at the enemy base, it is imperative that you take out the war factories.
To do this, it is recommended that you terminate the two AA turrets there, and then use airpower to waste them. The WFs are situated in the N-W side of the base. It is imperative to eliminate them first, because otherwise, the enemy will keep building Apocalypse (woops... Mammoth) tanks and you will be soon defeated with much ease. - After this, you can eliminate the other two AAs in the enemy base and take out the airfields and ConYard (so no respawn of WF)Once you do this, you have prevailed. With no WF and AF the enemy is defeated.
- Use the rest of your units to clean up everything else.

As extra note, you could use mind controller unit to gain some additional tactical advantage in some situations, but It will require a lot of 'working' with it and you just don't have this time to waste.

So, in the end, keep in mind that you must first eliminate WF and ConYard, because Mammoths will frag you otherwise. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 02 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 18 minutes
Overall difficulty: 7 (Very Hard)

     Scrin Mission 03 (Croatia)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the Nod Defenses

Primary Objective 2: Capture the Nod Structures

You shouldn't need much backup with this one after the previous mission from hell. You start near a lot of resources. There are 3 Tiberum fields near you and one of them is blue Tiberium. You can either the primary one and the blue one are close, so just build a refinery on each side of your base. For the third one, get an outpost in there, or just let your miners move all the way there. As secondary objective, you have to destroy the GDI base N-E. It would be a good idea to do that, so no one will intervene in your later business. The base has a few Sonic Cannons and a lot of AA Turrets, so don't try the air approach this time. You fortunately have Tripods. With the resources you have, you should be able to build about 100+ of them, but you will only need about 10 to eradicate the whole map. So, build 10 Tripods (or more if you feel better) and attack the GDI. Destroy the base and promote your Tripods. If some of them are destroyed, you can always recover them with Assimilators. After you're done with the GDI, get them to the Nod base and get rid of the Obelisks. The Obelisks are easier to defeat than the Sonic Cannons, so if you survived the GDI encounter, you will make it here too. After you've cleared the area, send two Assimilators in the designated structures. That's it for this one. Oh...and yes... killing the Power Plants will shutdown base defenses (valid for both GDI and Nod). Primary Objectives 1,2 complete.

Mission 03 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 22 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     Scrin Mission 04 (Threshold 19)

Primary Objective 1: Defend the Tower

You start with a lot of resources. In addition there are multiple Tiberium fields around you. Build some temporary base defense and all the structures you need: extra refineries (and miners), Battlelab and Rift Generator. As soon as you have a steady economy (that happens in about 1.5-2 minutes) start building Tesla Columns and deploy them near the tower. Deploy about 5-6 near the tower and 2-3 in your base. Some hives would be nice too, since there will be a lot of infantry attacking. In maxx 5 minutes you could have all defenses in place and some spare $. Now, build a few Tripods and start attacking the GDI. Normally, with the multiple resources at hand, you should be able to terminate the GDI base exactly before timer count all the way. GDI base elimination is considered a bonus objective. A good thing would be to destroy the GDI artillery support structure, so that they won't shock-arty your Power Plants any more. Primary Objective 1complete.

Primary Objective 2: Deploy & Relocate Mothership

After the countdown ends, you will be ordered to build the Signal Transmitter. Build it and deploy the Mothership. It does not matter where you build it; the Mothership will spawn in the same place, in the S-E area. Now you need to get the Mothership to the tower. Order it there. Have about 8 air escorts North of your Mothership, as groups of 3 Firehawks will arrive to attack your Mothership.

It does not matter if you destroyed the GDI base or not; the Firehawks arrive from somewhere outside the map. Those won't be enough to destroy your Mothership, so don't worry about them too much. If there are remaining GDI, make sure none of them follow the Mothership. Primary Objective 2 complete.

Mission 04 Successful
Average time on hard difficulty: 16 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

Kane's Wrath Missions

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-01 (The Rio Insurrection)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy the GDI Administration Centers.
Secondary Objective 1: Capture the GDI Radar Stations.

The only worthy defenses are some Guardian Cannons in the S-E corner. Build some Rifle Squads and Rocket Squads and send them towards every secondary location. Once secured, use the engineers to capture the Radars. After that send the troops forward to detect the GDI defenses or keep them there and construct vehicles to clean up everything else. The second way is recommended.

After you destroy the Admin Centers, there's a new primary objective.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy Splinter Faction ConYard. Secondary Objective 2: Defend the GDI Radar Stations. For the defense, one is enough to survive. So concentrate some Rocker Troopers near the N-E one and that'll keep it alive.

Then, take the previously used vehicles and attack the N-W ConYard. There's not much defense, so don't worry, you won't lose.

Secondary Objective 3: Use Spy Sat. Hmm... just use it ! It will reveal enemy units.

Mission E1-01 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 16 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-02 (What is Rightfully Ours)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the GDI Research Lab

Build as many Venoms as possible. That's right: Venom Spam ! Two Air towers will suffice.

The GDI Research Lab is in the N-E corner. There's a GDI base N-W corner. An Elite Slingshot AA is guarding the Lab and one the south of the GDI base.

If you have 20+ Venoms, attack the Lab area and take out the slingshot and the rest of the grid. After that, gather up about 20+ Venoms again and position them near the two T-Spikes North, right below them. Use hold position mode. Keep 3-4 Venoms or an Elite one to the Lab (actually near it, where the GDI Elite Slingshot was). Use Engineers to capture the Lab and the T-Spikes. They won't die if your Venoms keep the GDI walkers off. And they do.

Primary Objective 2: Defend the GDI Research Lab Secondary Objective: Keep Lab HP > 50%. Keep the Venoms near the T-spikes. They will totally own any units that come towards the captured Lab. No ground GDI unit will get to the Lab if you're careful enough. The Lab will probably only be scratched by the GDI air units... but only them can't do much. The HP of the Lab will remain above 80%.

And now comes the retreat part. Overwhelmed by GDI Armor ? What the ... ? I could eliminate the GDI base in less than 3 minutes. But then...a script is a script, even if it's a bad one.

Mission E1-02 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 22 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-03 (Persuade Him...)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Marcion's Stronghold

Secondary Objective 1: Destroy Steel Talons Pulse Scanners. The Scanners are spread across map, approximately on the NE-SW diagonal. But wait, do not scout at start ! If you don't have enough forces, the Scanners will give you trouble. A lot of enemy reinforcements will spawn if the counter reach zero once you detect them. Build about ...yes... you've guessed... 20+ Venoms. Sweep the map for Scanners. Destroy them as soon as you detect them.

Secondary Objective 2: Destroy Marcion's Statues. They're all in his base. Before attacking the base, start building Stealth Tanks and Venoms. Attack with the Venoms and rad-away the Statues. There are a few AAs, but those are insignificant next to the power of 20+ Venoms. Do not destroy the Stronghold yet. After you have quite a few Stealth Tanks (around 15 would do), get them to the Stronghold entrance. Now use the Venoms to destroy the Stronghold. Now the coward is running, but he's escorted.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy Marcion's Escort. Attack with the Stealth Tanks and Venoms. Terminate the Walkers and then the rest of the units. If you already have the Stealth Tanks in position, this will be quite easy. Otherwise he might just escape.

Primary Objective 3: Escort Marcion to the Evac Zone. Sector is already clear ! Just move the transport to your base. Nothing will bother you.

Mission E1-03 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 25 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-04 (A Grand Gesture...)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy Research Complex

Get your base up and running. Build standard Rifle Infantry, Rocket Troopers and Two AAs in the East-most side of your base. You're under heavy assault at start. Keep yourself alive while you start to resurrect the Purifiers. Build advanced AA units and keep them near your War Factory. One or two you can deploy north along with some flamers to keep the enemy off your harvesters. Now send Engineers to recover all Purifiers. While you do that, build a few Tanks, Bikes and Troopers of all kinds. You don't need much, but do build a good variety of units. Just make sure you do have Flamers on this one.

Secondary Objective 1: Knock Out Research Complex Power

Send the Tanks, Troopers, and Bikes to do this. You'll encounter some resistance, but not too much. Clean-up that area and burn those power plants.

While this is happening, your Purifier 'harvesting' better be ready. The Purifiers and Advanced AA units + some sitting ducks (aka infantry) are more than enough to destroy the Research Complex. So attack and destroy... or burn if you want. While my main force was engaging the enemy, two Flame Tanks managed to cross all the structures and burn the Research Complex. Of course a big T-boom happened.

Mission E1-04 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 27 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-05 (Keys to the Kingdom)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy GDI Network Comm Center

Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI Ion Cannon Uplink

Move the Commando East. Waste the Power Plants there, the Refinery, Comm Center and specially the Barracks that keep spawning GDI troopers. Watch for the harvester as it can kill your Commando. Don't forget to pick-up crates. After that, get your Commando back to the initial start area and get the Shadow Teams up in the air. Don't send it to the Ion Cannon just yet. Pair them up in two groups of two. Get them to the center of the map and ground them near the two GDI Power Plants. Use the two pairs of Shadows on the PPs. The AI Turrets at the entrance of the base and the Ion Cannon will shut down. Now get the Commando to blow up everything !

Primary Objective 3: Capture the Network Research Centers (30 minutes max). There are 4 Centers, SE-NW diagonal. Setup a base. Deploy the initial Reckoners and add a Rocket Squad inside each. Also build two AI Turrets. Build a dozen or more Venoms to take out NRCs defenses. After defenses are down, use Reckoners + Engineers to capture them. Two Reckoners with two Engineers each will suffice.

From S-E to N-W, the locations and defenses are as follows: S-E: two battle bases. The Venom 12-pack will terminate them. After the Venom clean things up, get the first Engineer in the first Reckoner there. Location 2 (SE-center): AT turrets. There are AI turrets above (N-E) and a few other GDI structures. Use the second Engineer from first Reckoner. The main GDI base is N-E. Destroy the Power Plants N-E (move East-most with the Venoms so you evade any AA). All GDI AAs are now offline. You can now clean-up everything. GDI threat is much eliminated.

Location 3 (NW-center): to get here you're going to have to go through Location 4 (N-W). But worry not, only some Barracks are there. Decontamination will be easy. Destroy them and Capture location 4, then 3. Use the Engineers from the second Reckoner for that.

Mission E1-05 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 18 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-06 (All that Glitters)

Primary Objective 1: Tag Power Plants

Secondary Objective 1: Steal Gold

Do not fly ! You'll get terminated by AAs eventually. Walk to the N-W Power Plant and blow it up. Make sure to bypass the flyer patrols until you get to the PP. Then keep going to the next one and so on, ending with the mid-one (you probably thought of starting with). The only problem you will encounter will be enemy infantry. Make sure you take the crates too. They might be useful for something. Airstrikes !

Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI Network Comm Center You've got Specters and Stealth Tanks, 4 each. Use the Specters on the entrance defenses so they'll gain XP. Keep the tanks ahead and arties right after. Eliminate hill structures and defenses on your path. Take the South hill and get the cash crates there. Then start to bombard the S-E hill. Advance your Stealth Tanks right up to the hill entrance. Bombard everything until finally you can take out the Comm Center. No units should of have been lost until now.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy GDI Treasury

That's in the N-E corner. You'll have to keep advancing and bombarding. Your Arties should be elite by now, so all you have to do is let the Stealth Tanks shoot the GDI AA units while the Arties bombard.

* Note that I did not find where to steal the gold from. If you have an imput on this let me know.

Mission E1-06 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 24 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-07 (The Doctor Vanishes)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Doc's Lab

Secondary Objective 1: Capture the Spaceport CC

The situation does not look bad initially, but it is. You'll need a lot of resources and you'll need to exterminate the GDI while keeping a large number of units alive. You won't be attacked too much. Expect most forces to engage your base from the N-E, along the sea coast.

In the middle of the map a little to the West, there's a blue T-field you'll need to capture ASAP. Upgrade your infantry so you have Tiberium beams and start building your army. Attack with a dozen composite squads the blue-T area. It would be good to deploy a Surveyor there so can have an Outpost.

For the next part, you'll need a big pack of various units. Scouts of any kind and Specters are imperative as the GDI position North is heavily fortified (Sonic Emitters included). Scout the secondary objective area any way you want and use Specters to rubble the place. Then capture the structure. You'll need various units to defend your Specters. Flame units will be ok to have, Tiberium Infantry is essential and some anti-armor units because Predators will be there. Don't rush this attack. Make sure you have at least 15 squads and 15 various units to defend your Specters. After every GDI force on the map is gone (including the small outpost N-W), then and only then capture the primary structure where the doctor is. Before capturing it, be sure to have a lot of units between the doc's structure and your own base.

Primary Objective 2: Escort the Doc The Doc will get picked up by air transport. The problem is there will be Slingshots coming to test their weapons against it (not to mention other units like Shatterers). You have to intercept them before they can fire, because if you don't have your units currently deployed in the whole sector, the GDI AAUs will outrun your units and will shut down the transport almost instantly. In addition, there will be GDI flyers around, so you do need your own AAUs too. It's recommended that you order some of your units to attack the whole S-W sector in order to keep the enemy as far away possible from the transport.

Mission E1-07 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 26 minutes
Overall difficulty: 6 (Hard)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-08 (M.A.R.V Rising)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Reclamator Hub

Don't scout just yet. Build 2 or 3 harvesters. Add a couple of Obelisks and AT Turrets. Upgrade what you want and build at least a dozen of Stealth Tanks. When you're done, advance a little with the Stealth Tanks.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy M.A.R.V. M.A.R.V. is not that tough. And it's not escorted. The Stealth Tanks will destroy it easy enough.

Now it's time to capture the M.A.R.V. Facility. You'll have to eliminate all GDI forces in the area. Best way to do that is to send a combined force consisting of Stealth Tanks, Venoms and Rocket Troopers.

Primary Objective 3: Defend the Reclamator Hub Use the units you have to defend the structure. If you destroyed the GDI forces in the area, there won't be any heavy attacks. Just evenly position your units to a small distance from the structure in all directions.

As for your own base, just power-up the two Obelisks (left most and right most) with 4 Beam Cannons each, as you will be attacked by Shatterers and Mammoths.

Primary Objective 4: Construct Redeemer Engineering Facility Do that. And while you do ...

Secondary Objective 1: Destroy M.A.R.V.s Just call back all your units that you defended the M.A.R.V. Facility with. That should do for the defense. Use the Venoms to hunt the M.A.R.V.s and the Juggs that will attack you.

Primary Objective 5: Build a Redeemer Start building it. You can Venom-patrol the surrounding areas to hunt some GDI if you want, as there are almost no AA Turrets, but it will be a lot more fun with the Redeemer.

Primary Objective 6: Destroy the ZOCOM Bases

One is to the East and one to the West. The defenses are Sonic Emitters, AT Turrets and a few AA Turrets. The easiest way to terminate them is to use Venoms, but you can also use the Redeemer. Escort it though. It's not as tough as it looks. If you manage to get your Redeemer to Elite...well... it's a good thing, of course.

Mission E1-08 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 31 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-09 (The Betrayal of Kilian Quatar)

Primary Objective 1: Destroy AA Batteries

Go south and kill the infantry, then destroy the Power Plant to turn off all turrets. After that, clean-up everything there.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy GDI base. You have Veteran L2 units. That is good. Just attack the GDI base using the North entrance.

Watch for the Sonic Emitter S-W. There isn't anything else that could be a challenge. Move in and terminate the GDI.

Primary Objective 3: Destroy the Laser Fence Control Tower Use the Commando to clean-up the infantry and then shoot the red barrels.

Primary Objective 4: Infiltrate Ion Shield Research Center

Secondary Objective 1: Keep the Saboteur Unharmed That's not difficult if you use your Commando properly. Proceed forward. Blow up the next LFCT, then proceed the East way. Shoot the infantry and then barrels to the next LFCT. Make sure the Engineer is close to your Commando. Now you'll have to destroy the Power Plants so the Obelisks won't shoot. There are two sets of PPs N-E and W. blow the barrels to destroy them. Now you have free passage into the base.

Primary Objective 5: Reach Evac Point Just trace back your steps. Keep the Commando forward and Bike after. You won't encounter much resistance.

Mission E1-09 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 17 minutes
Overall difficulty: 3 (Easy-Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-10 (Hearts and Minds)

Primary Objective 1: Eliminate the Drone Platforms.

They're all in the center. The problem is that the whole area in Scrin infested.

Secondary Objective 1: Eliminate the cultists For the cultists, you have mines or Stealth Field, if they are not worthy of your travel.

Each drone platform is defended by 3 sets of turrets: one by Buzzers, one by AT and one by AA. I vapor bombed the N-E one (AA) and it relocated in the N-E corner where there are no AAs. Now it became easy: a dozen of Venoms. After you destroy the first platform, a message from Kane you will receive.

Primary Objective 2: Destroy the Eradicator

Secondary Objective 2: Build a Redeemer

While building a Redeemer, destroy the second drone platform. Then attack the Eradicator that will be almost at your base. Be aware that the Eradicator is promoted. If you started the Redeemer Facility construction right when the objective appeared and the Redeemer itself right after, you will have it online just as the Eradicator is at your base. Anyway, you should have enough defenses and units until now to hold it off.

To destroy the last platform, you can ground attack with a few Stealth Tanks. The defenses are concentrated in the other two corners (N-W and S-E). You won't have any trouble terminating it if the Drone Platforms did not retreat there. If they did, you'll have to storm the place with a lot of units, but this won't happen if you did things my way.

Mission E1-10 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 20 minutes
Overall difficulty: 4 (Medium)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-11 (Tacitus Interruprtus)

Primary Objective 1: Damage ZOCOM MCV Before It Reaches the Docks Just select your units and attack it. You will do damage. The MCV will eventually deploy. At your base, build an Obelisk, an AA Turret and some Venoms for early defense. Then build the Liquid Tiberium Facility.

Secondary Objective 1: Use T-Vain Detonation You can use it on all 3 locations but will cost you $6K in total. It's worth the booms, though.

Primary Objective 2: Capture ZOCOM ConYard You should clean-up the GDI forces first. Take a dozen of Venoms directly in the N-W corner and start the clean-up. If you've used the T-Vain, there will be no functional AAs anywhere. If you did not, there are no AAs in the path to the N-W corner. So, take out the PPs if you didn't already and then everything else.

Now get and Engineer inside a Reckoner and go to the enemy ConYard. Capture it.

Primary Objective 3: Escort the MCV Escort it with the Venoms. If you cleared the GDI from the sector, you have nothing to worry about.

Mission E1-11 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 15 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-12 (Will Made Flesh)

Primary Objective 1: Capture the Nodes That can be done, but its better you destroy the center GDI base first. There are various ways to do that. The base is very well defended and full of ground units. I tech'ed up and nuked them, followed by a Redeemer + Stealth Tanks attack. While tech'ing-up I harassed them with Specters and infantry units. After the GDI is destroyed, get a few Stealth Tanks and Venoms or Rocket Troopers to each location. After that, use Engineers (transported with Reckoners) to capture the Nodes.

Primary Objective 2: Defend the Nodes

Secondary Objective 1: Keep the Nodes HP above 50%

There's nothing to defend. You already exterminated the GDI. At most you will be attacked by rogue patrols.

Mission E1-12 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 28 minutes
Overall difficulty: 5 (Medium-Hard)

     Kanes Wrath - Mission E1-13 (Tacitcus Regained)

Primary Objective 1: Capture and Hold the GDI Comm Centers The place in infested with GDI. There are units all around and AA turrets on every hill. After you scout a little, you'll get two secondary objectives.

Secondary Objective 1: Destroy the Bunker Entrances

Secondary Objective 2: Destroy the Power Plants

Make sure you assimilate most of the T-Spikes. You'll have almost infinite resources if you take even a few T-spikes. The Bunker Entrances you will take out when you're around. Nothing special required. For the Power Plants it's recommended you use Vapor Bomb on the ones east and nuke the ones West as Vapor Carrier will be intercepted by AA Turrets there.

After you've killed the power, you can safely use Venoms. I used a 30 pack for clearing the GDI from near the Comm Centers

Primary Objective 2: Capture the Tacitus Use Venoms again to decontaminate the area of GDI forces. I used a 60-pack vs. all GDI AAs and won with 30 remaining. If you want this to be easier, nuke the area near the Tacitus first, but make sure you don't damage the Tacitus too.

After you destroy the GDI forces, use a transport pick-up to get an Engineer into the Tacitus.

Mission E1-13 complete.
Average time on hard difficulty level: 27 minutes
Overall difficulty: 2 (Easy)

The End

     Have a nice Campaign !

     Even C&C3 took more than 6 months to be fixed ... the same way my modding fixed it in under 8 hours, it's a great single player experience. If you're stuck at any missions, this complete mission guide should help.

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