Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse

Apocalypse Air Force

  Allied Structures:

0) Advanced Prism Tower
1) Guard Tower
2) Small Nuclear Reactor
3) Advanced Airforce Research Facility
4) Communications Defense
5) Super Gap Generator
6) Neutron Turret
7) Allied Tech Airport
(Stolen Allied Tech)
8) Chrono Reactor
(Stolen Allied Tech)

     Soviet Structures:

0) Advanced Tesla Coil
1) Land Mine
2) Stealth Generator
3) Advanced Nuclear Research Facility
4) Ex-KGB Elite Training Facility
5) Multifunctional Helicopter Pad
6) AA Converted Flame Tower
7) Advanced Radar Dome
8) AT Turret
9) Soviet Tech Airport
(Stolen Soviet Tech)

     Yuri Structures:

0) Psychic Resonator
1) Sniper Guard Tower
2) Cold Fusion Power Plant
3) Special Projects Research Facility
4) Crystal Gap Generator
5) Crystal Ball
6) War Hospital
7) Airstrike Command
8) Yuri Air Pad
9) AA Cannon
A) Emergency Power Generator
B) Railgun Turret
C) Yuri Tech Airport
(Stolen Yuri Tech)


Special Structures:

0) Tech Oil Derrick
1) Machine Shop
2) Sonic Tower
(water defense)
3) Platform Cannon
(water defense)
4) Elite Tech Airport (Stolen Tech - All)
5) Paradox Device
(Unknown Structure)
6) Sensor Defence
(Unknown Structure)

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
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