Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse

Apocalypse Download Section

You can get the Apocalypse mod files in two ways: a self-extracting archive or a KGB archive. I recommend you get the SFX, as it can be installed directly to your game directory.
Note that the mod is enabled by default, so you don't need to enable it using the enable.bat. Only use the enable.bat file if you previously disabled the mod using disable.bat. Enable.bat and Disable.bat only work with game version 1.001. If the mod is installed, but you don't see any new units in the game, it means that you don't have Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001 installed. Either install the patch or use v1000fix.bat to make the mod to work with game version 1.000.

[ Download Apocalypse in WinRAR SFX format - external mirror ]

Important: The SFX archive has been checked for viruses with STAR-NET.
It is impossible for this file to be infested with any kind of virus.

[ Download Apocalypse in KGB archiver format - external mirror]

Important: Unpacking a .kgb archive require very high system resources.
Having insufficient system resources will prevent you from extracting it.

[ Download Apocalypse in old ZIP format]

Important: If you're paranoid or somthing else went wrong, get it in .zip format.

You can also get something very important from here: A .dll file that will enable you to play RA2 and YR in a LAN without having IPX/SPX installed. The game will use UDP instead. The file is included in the mod, but you can get it from here anyway:

[ Download the LAN fix .dll file ]

Just save it in your RA2/YR directory and you're done. Now you can play with no IPX/SPX, even on Vista x64.
The file is compatible with Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge and a few more games. In my mod it is included by default.

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
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