Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse

     You played too much Red Alert if at least 10 of the following are true:

  > You listen to Hellmarch on your PC and mobile phone.
  > You praise Nikola Tesla. You try to gather all it's secret documentation. You already have all it's patents.
  > You have constructed Tesla Coils. And you used them against living things.
  > Your Tesla Coils form a perimeter around your courtyard.
  > You are constructing extremely low frequency devices to influence brain waves. Your next project is a fully functional Psychic Tower.
  > You have t-shirts with CCCP or DDR.
  > You read books about Stalin and Lenin.
  > You have a small statue of Stalin or Lenin.
  > You are or want to be an engineer. You want to know an easy way to destory bridges.
  > You know the president is conspiring with the enemy. And you are right.
  > You'd own an Apocalypse Tank rather then any car.
  > You research on how to create an Iron Courtain Device. You actually found the documentation on Tesla Domes.
  > You have a golden star on your door or above it.
  > You have crafted portable Flak Cannons.
  > You have built a Laser Designator. Now you think of what can you do to get a MiG.
  > You can build napalm, TNT and Nitro using stuff you find in a standard house.
  > You encrypt all your mails and even the stuff you manually write on paper.
  > You watch old Soviet propaganda and military parades.
  > You have a red button somewhere in you room.
  > Your mobile phone has a base alarm ring tone. Your other ring tone is an airstrike sound.
  > You know part of the nuclear missiles launch codes.
  > Your favorite quotes are: 'Yes, comrade general !', 'They will fry !' and 'Soviet power supreme !'.
  > You address everyone as "Comrade".
  > You answer the phone with 'Yes, Comrade'.
  > You like to dress in red. It offers you superiority.
  > When playing or competing for something you are always in the red team. You know you will win.
  > You usually lead the read team you are in. You know you will lead them to victory.
  > Your phone is painted in red. So is the wire.
  > You hate spies and secrecy. You consider them cowards.
  > You prefer simple and efficient things over ultra-high-complexity tech gadgets.
  > You don't get too much shock damage from standard power outputs. You even enjoy hand-testing the power connections.
  > You call the garbage truck an ore miner. You wonder if it has a hidden machinegun.
  > When you see large transport truck you think that they will eventually suicide somewhere.
  > If possible, you ask the truck drivers if they are Libyans. If they are, you burrow the trucks.
  > You categorise your work collegues by 'Standard, Veteran and Elite'. You even sometimes level them up.
  > When you look at parked cars you imagine driving an Apocalypse Tank over them.
  > When you are at a full of people beach you imagine dozens of Terror Drones slicing everyone.
  > When you are at seaside you imagine Dreadnoughts fireing into the structures in the city.
  > When you are at the top of a mountain you imagine nukes falling all over.
  > You thing GSM communication relays are Psychic Towers. And you're right, they are.
  > You are constructing a fallout shelter. You reserve space for a Nuclear Silo.
  > You wear military boots and clothes and you often answer using the suffix Sir.
  > You wear your military boots even on summer time.
  > You have at least helmet and a gas mask.
  > You use stipes on most of your clothes.
  > You own an AK47 and you even know how to use it.
  > You would not trade your AK47 for any other bullet-based weapon.
  > You would like to paint the White House red.
  > You would like to destroy the Pentagon and the NORAD. You would of succeeded if the US government would not of framed 9.11.
  > You would like to put a Super Tesla Coil on the Eiffel Tower.
  > You would like to put a Soviet flag on the Reichstag.
  > You polish your boots with the US flag. When finished, you incinerate it.
  > You are affraid of German Shepperds because you think you're the infantry in front of them.
  > You don't eat Squids. Those can be put to much better use.
  > You think bold guys are trying to mind control your brain.
  > You know you have mind-influencing abilities.
  > You know the Moon has no resources.
  > If you had a Nuke, you'd use it on Washington. Or at least on the Statue of Liberty.
  > You know that the Kremlin can resist nuclear strikes.
  > You would not mind seeing a guarding Conscript at every street corner.
  > You think the European Union may be the next Soviet Union.
  > You think the Soviet Union will be back and it will conquer the world...and you could lead it to victory.

Now go play some more. When more then 90% of the above will apply for you... then you are ready to conquer the World.
May the Force (the SuperWeapon that is) be with you, Comrade !

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse
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